BJP divided into two groups

March 09 2014

Will do anything for 272-plus. The BJP is trying with all its might to realise Narendra Modi’s dream. Each seat is being focused upon; new partners are being welcomed into the NDA; those who are angry are being pacified; despite all the opposition to inducting B S Yeddyurappa back in the party, the BJP has given him a vital role in Karnataka for the Lok Sabha elections; BJP has also acquired the few seats with the alliance between  B Sriramulu’s BSR Congress, Karnataka. With this alliance, the Reddy brothers, too, can openly support the BJP; Sriramulu comes from the Naik community and he is influential in Karnataka’s Bellary, Koppal, Raichur, Gadag, Chitradurg and Maharashtra as well. So two groups have invariable been formed in the BJP – one is Sushma and Advani’s group, which is against tainted people being inducted into the party; and the second is the Modi group, which believes in including everyone and having them join for the ride. 

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