Bingo for Pavan Sharma

April 21 2016

Pavan Sharma’s name is more or less finalized as Delhi state’s BJP president. Pavan Sharma is an active Sangh member, is a north Indian, has been an organizational minister, and thus has a good network and rapport with the state’s party workers. In any case, the coming two to three years are not very important in Delhi’s context; the elections are still three years away. Thus, a maverick Delhi leader Vijay Goyal easily staked his claim. Sources say Goyal met the prime minister before this, and expressed his views about it. What Goyal wanted was that if he is given the reins of Delhi state, he should also be given a ministry at the Centre. It is said this was not agreeable to Modi at all. Thus, Goyal’s name was struck and Sharma got lucky.

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