Bhardwaj’s New Innings?

November 15 2014

Hansraj Bhardwaj who has given a voice to the in-fighting episodes in the Congress and has openly targeted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram citing his hypocrisy, had allegedly told the Congress, especially 10, Janpath, that they should try not to lock horns with UPA government, especially Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. It is believed that Karnataka’s former Governor and former Law Minister Bhardwaj had warned Sonia about Chidambaram to such an extent that there were internal wheeling-dealing that is happening between Chidambaram and the DMK, which is the reason why he is playing in the hands of DMK Karunanidhi. While he was in the law ministry, Bhardwaj had even expressed his concern about how the CBI was being misused against Modi, Shah, Lalu, Mayawati and Mulayam. At that time, Chidambaram tried to frame Amit Shah in the Tulsi Prajapati case with the help of an additional CBI director who also hailed from South India. At the same time, during the UPA’s rule at the Centre, then cabinet Ministers Pranab Mukherjee and Hansraj Bhardwaj had somewhat good relations with then Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi. It is believed that while at he was the law minister at the Centre, Bhardwaj had advised Modi that he should start a night court in Gujarat. As a chief minister, Modi did that in 2006 and the experiment was fairly successful.

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