Bengal elections with Bihar

May 08 2015

Golden chances are hard to come by, but when they do, one should clench the deal. Didi is probably looking at doing the same, too. She is overjoyed with the result of municipal elections in the state and does not want to wait for a year for the Assembly elections to take place. In her talks with Modi, Didi has indirectly hinted that she wants Bengal Assembly elections to happen before the stipulated time and along with Bihar elections. Didi, who is adept at sensing the political winds, knows that after Sitaram Yechury took over at the CPI-M chief, the party in the Bengal is rife with dissonance, while Congress is facing a leadership crisis and BJP has already lost the shine of Modi magic in the state. Thus, Didi thinks this is a good time to go for Assembly elections – the right time for being ushered into Writers’ Building once again.

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