Behen ji is 60

January 25 2016

Has the BSP supremo changed? Or has she got some new insights for her changed political avatar? Used to celebrating her birthday with great pomp and show, Behen ji celebrated her 60th birthday with a lot of restraint and in a quiet manner, that too at her official residence in Delhi. Sensing a change of winds in UP, the entire building lobby of the state was seen making a line for her residence on January 15. As all public opinion surveys are indicating, Mayavati might sweep over the polls in 2017, based on the issue of law and governance. Thus, on her birthday, several prominent bureaucrats were seen with expensive gifts, marking their attendance in Mayavati Durbar late into the night. Among these officers were also those who had meaty positions in Mayavati government and have managed to find favour with Akhilesh’s government as well.

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