Bartering money for stage

February 07 2012

Advocating corporate working in saffron party, Nitin Gadkari’s political management is unparalleled. Gadkari’s close aide and human computer Arun Narendranath is keeping a tab on each and every seat of UP. Team Narendranath is also doing a secretive survey about the seats where it can sense a BJP fight and for seats where he can sense its party contestants have a good chance of winning, calls are being made to the contestants that they should organise a Gadkari meeting at their place, where the expenses will be paid for. A BJP contestant clarified he was offered a sum of Rs five lakh for such a meeting. If even Rs two lakh is spend in such a meeting, the contestants still stand to gain a profit of Rs three lakh. So now Gadkari demand is gradually growing in UP.

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