Bala Junior’s fate

November 05 2012

Like it is being speculated, there are chances that the NDA may come to power at the Centre after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It is also being speculated that if it forms the government at the Centre, regional heavyweights such as Prakash Singh Badal, Nitish Kumar, Raman Singh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan will be given a lot of importance. Seeing this, Sukhbir Singh Badal has stepped on the accelerator when it comes to development projects in Punjab. Two big problems of electricity and unemployment are staring the state in the face at present. In such a scenario, whenever Sukhbir comes to meet his family in Delhi during weekends, he is trying to touch-base with prominent industrialists such as Rakesh Bharti Mittal, Atul Punj, Gautam Thapar, Manoj Gaur, Malvinder Singh and so on. Sukhbir is requesting these industrialists to start new projects in the state and is promising all the help on behalf of the state government.

  1. Lersi Says:

    Dear Sir..Pls provide us more imnarfotion on this living legend of Garhwali culture Shri Narendra Singh Negiji.Appreciating your efforts.All the best.-Bij:)

  2. Angel Says:

    Dear Amar ji,Come to know that you are decided to leave S.P that is the good deicsion of your life time. just stick to it as i know your star is going to change and you just focus for P.M Post you have the ability and capacity to hold that post as you know that we have the weak Prime minister in central govt. They just passing the time. My prediction never be wrong so many prediction i have made it accurate.So much of corruption and prices of basic requirement is going high and high. Shard pawar yesterday statement shows how much they care for Indian people. My prediction never be wrong you will be the next prime minister of India very soon. Just focus for national politics no more state politics. china is eating our land and they have just entered in to our place our govt not taking any strong action against china if some one stole some thing from you house how do you react. But central govt just waiting for the report its shocking that who is ruling this country .Indians are not safe in India as well as in abroad there no action plus there is no reaction from Indian govt. let the opposition get united and put pressure on Indian govt take strong action against them. I know that you will not keep quite and do some thing for the nation. This the right time to react just focus for national politics and become the next prime minister of India. meri bharti ma roo rahi hai, keha rahi hai kab thak chup batho gay, now its time for action or don’t display there power in 26th January 2010.regdsHemant Mishra

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