Badals miffed with Sidhu

March 02 2014

Navjot Singh Sidhu was conspicuous by his absence at BJP’s Fateh Rally at Amritsar in Punjab. The BJP parliamentarian gave the rally a miss, but no one missed him on the dais. Everyone treated him like a castaway leader; Narendra Modi too preferred not to mention him even once during the rally. Nothing happens without a reason in politics. Chief Minsiter Parkash Singh Badal and his political heir Sukhbir Singh Badal are miffed with Sidhu over several matters. It’s understood that on one hand Parkash has vowed to put his best to secure victory for all BJP candidates, on the other hand it seems he will leave no stone unturned to ensure Sidhu’s defeat in Amritsar. Now the party is left with the only option to give Sidhu ticket from West Delhi Lok Sabha seat.

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