Azad’s open mindedness

December 21 2015

Something interesting transpired at the Parliament last week – BJP Parliamentarian from Darbhanga, Bihar, Kirti Azad was seen coming out of Sonia Gandhi’s official room in the Parliament. Reliable sources say that Gandhi family has old relations with Kirti, and his father Bhagwat Jha Azad has been Bihar’s chief minister from the Congress for many terms. Kirti Azad, who fought with his own party heavyweight Arun Jaitley regarding Delhi cricket, is said to have internal support from many senior BJP leaders. Thus, if despite the advice of party President Amit Shah and senior party leader Ramlal, Kirti has gone so far ahead with the issue, it is not only because of his own belief; there is speculation that a decisive meeting between him and the Congress may have also taken place regarding the politics in future.

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