Axing the tickets of U’s 50 MPs

November 20 2017

As many as 50 sitting MPs in Uttar Pradesh might lose their party nominations in the 2019 polls, though these are quite a few months away, sources revealed at the scuttlebutt. Party boss Amit Shah is said to be taking regular inputs on the results of the MPs from various seats. Birds and bees have it that Shah has commissioned a professional survey agency to report back on the MPs’ performances on set parameters and indicators. Party sources close to the Boss say that as many as half the sitting MP’s in UP might lose their nominations, so much so that even stalwart leaders like Home Minister Rajnath Singh might have to change their constituencies. Sources tell us quietly that those above 65 years of age could be ‘deployed’ for ‘organisational work’, and some 50 sitting MPs might lose their tickets. Instead, fresh faces will smile from the BJP posters in the 2019 polls. This is an old tactic of Shah, who changes sitters to smoothen the ruffled feathers of the electorate. Sources have it that even the looming Gujarat polls, 15 of the first 70 names announced are absolute greenhorns.

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