Assam: Listing Woes

July 10 2017

Flood waters are gurgling between the riverine state of Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal and ‘super-CM Himanta Biswa Sarma’. Sources say that there was to be a major reshuffle of officials across the state. Thus it is that Biswa had met Sonowal with a long list of officials who he wanted to favour with juicy postings. But Sonowal just turned it down. “This is not possible,” Sonowal reportedly said, adding, however, “If you want, you can give me the names of some officers in your Parliamentary constituency.” Biswa left in a huff without saying anything. But the theatricals returned to the proscenium when two days later, the CM received a fax message from party supremo with a list of ‘to do’ names. Interestingly, the names in the list were almost a photocopy of the list Biswa had given Sonowal. A harried Sonowal rushed to Delhi, met the PM, circumambulated the Shah of BJP. But to no avail. The Boss tutored him, saying that he had little experience in administration. Biswa had the base, The Shah argued, and you are just the face, and ‘this combine is what we are pegging for the 2019 polls’. Sonowal parried that Biswa has no base at all in the crucial Upper Assam voting belt. But his pleas fell on deaf ears!

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