Ashvini’s faux pas

April 30 2013

The Congress may cry itself hoarse that the law minister will not resign, but the law minister himself knows the mess he is in and the legal mess it involves. The court has clearly told the CBI to file a fresh report along with an affidavit saying that the report has not been shown to anyone. Sources reveal that no less than 11 people were present at the meeting the law minister had called to see the report. During the meeting, Ashvini Kumar was pretty upset with the CBI director’s status report. Angry, he made some uncalled-for remarks about the CBI director’s understanding of legal laws. He then made corrections to the report personally. Later, the Opposition leaders especially the BJP party members got hold of all the three versions of this report. One was the original report drafted by the CBI, the other that showed corrections by the law minister and the third was the final report that was presented to the court.

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