Arnab in Parliament?

October 06 2020

Arnab Goswami, who has awakened the ‘saffron India’ with his firebrand and aggressive mannerisms from news studio, is going to get the reward for his oratory skills. If sources are to be believed, he can be brought to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat, and it is said that this proposal has got the approval of the BJP top leadership as well. Interestingly, Amit Shah and JP Nadda had given their consent for Naresh Aggarwal and Agarwal was believed to be in the Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh. It is said that Shah and Nadda hoped that with Naresh Aggarwal been given a Rajya Sabha seat, the Baniya votes may fall in BJP’s kitty in UP, but at the last time PM Modi put forward the name of Zafar Islam. Modi wanted to give a big political message with his move in which he was very successful.

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