Arjun’s charioteer

May 26 2015

Life sings its own tunes and celebrates its own occasions. The event was a programme organized at Vigyaan Bhavan, which had been organized to celebrate national poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s immortal creations, Parshuram ki Pareeksha, and Sanskriti ke Chaar Adhyay. Bihar’s prominent leader C P Thakur was in-charge of the programme and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the chief guest. Modi was supposed to come to the programme at 10 am in the morning, and at about 9.40 am, Arjun Munda, former chief minister of Jharkhand arrived at the main gate with a lady friend. But the security officials at the gate did not let him enter, because although Munda and his friend had a formal invitation, they did not have an identity card. After about a half-an-hour of back and forth, they were allowed to go inside, but by then their pent up anger had come out.

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