And that his how Advani turned around

September 22 2013

After the Vrindavan meeting, a group of Sangh leaders went to Advani to meet him and told him about the Sangh’s basic approval of Modi’s candidature for the prime minister’s post. He was also told, “Advani ji, you are the senior-most leader, and one wrong step from you or your supports can become the point of no return. And we haven’t completely dismissed your candidature for the top post. Let the election results come in, when the circumstances may favour anyone. If BJP seats at that time are lesser than what was expected, and if the compulsions of coalition are more pressing, who will be more apt for the seat but you?” Which means the Sangh gave all three doses to Advani – warning, incentive and appeal. We still don’t know which one of the three doses worked for a politically-ailing Advani.

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