…And finally

April 07 2021

Injuring herself severely, Mamta Banerjee has also injured the hopes of BJP in Bengal, and in this condition Mamata is now campaigning from village to village, sitting on a wheelchair with plaster in her feet. As a result, the Trinamool cadre is sure that Mamta’s ‘heartwarming image’ will get the votes of the poor and downtrodden in TMC’s kitty by the lakhs. The issue of ‘local’ and ‘outsider’ will also get a new voice as Shubhendu Adhikari is now stuck in Nandigram after defying Mamta. Even though he is a ‘local Boy’, Mamta has also said that she is the daughter of Nandigram. For this fight, Mamta has rented four houses on the four corners of Nandigram. Anyway, Mamata had to leave her old constituency Bhawanipur, as there is a large number of non-Bengali voters in Bhawanipur and Didi has made the election this time to be ‘outsider vs Bengali’. There is a PM rally in Nandigram on 24th, even though his ‘Shubhendu Para’ saying for Nandigram may have caught on, but the BJP seems to be stuck in Mamata’s newly woven narrative.

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