Anant Scalded

December 13 2016

The now vanquished titan of BJP, octogenarian LK Advani organised a lunch at his home a couple of weeks ago. His old loyalists like Anant Kumar and Ravi Shankar Prasad joined the lunch at his residence. Things served on the plate were the usual high quality vegetarian stuff, but the real spice at lunch was on how to make Advani the next President of the country, and if not President at least Vice President. His loyalists opined that he is apposite for being the President. They decided that a couple of senior Ministers will push the proposal to the PM to nominate him as the next Prez. Apparently, Advani is much more liked in and outside the party than Modi.
Scuttlebutt is that the entire responsibility of spearheading the campaign is on Anant Kumar shoulders. But – given Modi’s aversion for Advani despite all their efforts, the loyalists did not have the gumption to discuss this with the PM. Advani was furious. He vented his anger in the parliament when he rebuked Anant Kumar for the improper functioning of house. While others were puzzled with this sudden burst of ire, Anant Kumar did not miss the real point.

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