Anandiben’s Ire

December 15 2017

Former Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel had been desperately wanting her son Sanjay to be given the ticket for the Ghatloria Assembly seat for the ongoing polls. She had been furiously lobbying to meet BJP president Amit Shah during the distribution of tickets. But Shah had shut door on her face. Instead, he gave the ticket for the seat to a long-term Anandi baiter. Sources say that highly unhappy with this, she organised a lunch for nine top Patel community MLAs at her home. One hears that the deputy CM of Gujarat was also present among them. It was reportedly decided over lunch that, going against the party line, they would support any Patel candidate standing for election from any seat. One of the MLAs reportedly griped that the Patel community has been neglected under the BJP rule of 22 years. It was also said that all the creamy posts lay with the Jain community, including party president Shah and incumbent CM Rupani. It is learnt, however, that one turncoat from the lunch went and unloaded the entire discussion on Shah. Sources say that very night, Shah rushed to Anandiben’s home and tried to placate her. In his typical style, he said: “You had never asked for a ticket for your son or daughter. In fact, eight persons have already been given tickets from the list sent by you. It seems Anandiben has cooled down a bit. However, the Patels remain in full war gear, and don’t seem to be in any mood to listen to all this.

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