Amrinder from Amritsar

April 05 2014

The tale of former Punjab Chief Minister’s candidacy from Amritsar is no less interesting. Actually, a few Congress heavyweights from the Congress, for instance, Congress Committee President of the state Pratap Singh Bajwa, wanted to finish off the Captain in these elections. Everyone knows how Bajwa and Captain don’t get along together at all and so Bajwa took his chances and called Sonia Gandhi saying that if the Congress indeed wanted to trap BJP’s chief strategist Arun Jaitley, there was no one better to give him a challenge than Captain. Bajwa’s strategy was clear – if Captain wins, he will take his politics to Delhi, if he loses, he will make a beeline to Dubai and if he turns down the offer to contest the elections, he will fall in Sonia’s eyes. This meant that no matter what, the road for Bajwa to become the state chief minister was clear. But the moment Sonia spoke to Captain, he agreed to challenge Jaitley without batting an eyelid. Until then no one in the BJP had any inkling about this.

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