Amma angry with the BJP

April 26 2016

Sudden winds that are blowing have upset the prime minister’s knack for man management and his close aide Venkaiah’s floor management. A few days ago when Amma’s close aide Thambidurai went back after meeting Narendra Modi, the hope meter was high that Modi government will get the support of AIDMK on several important bills. In return, all that Thambidurai wanted was that since the BJP doesn’t have any significant ground in Tamilnadu’s Assembly elections, the prime minister should not attack Amma directly, since she hasn’t been keeping well currently. Things went off well for a few days, but one day Central minister Prakash Javdekar suddenly went to Chennai, and he called Jayalalithaa the most corrupt politician, and the AIDMK government the most corrupt government. Next – a war cry was sounded, and the sheaths are off the swords. A few days ago when Venkaiah Naidu called up Amma’s darbar, hoping to get her support for the GST Bill, he was told in a curt tone, “We don’t trust your word. You say one thing one day, and something else the next day. So it is better we keep our politics separate, too.”

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