Amitabh’s Ambition

May 22 2017

This is from about a fortnight ago. The biggest boss of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Mohan Bhagwat, went for a lunch at the home of the tallest of Bollywood stars, Amitabh Bachchan. Sources say that Amitabh and wife Jaya left no stone unturned to make it most comfortable for the RSS chief. Big B, in fact, went to the extent of touching the feet of Bhagwat and seeking his blessings. Later, Jaya went to the Mumbai airport and spent some valuable moments in his company at the airport lounge. It was only when she saw a Mumbai BJP MP (and a veteran RSS pracharak) reach the lounge that she took leave. A few days later, when Jaya was in Delhi to attend a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee, she was met with a senior Modi minister from Uttar Pradesh. Mantriji asked Jaya, “So how did you like our Sarsangh chalak?” Jaya waxed eloquent about the man’s politeness, his unassuming demeanour and so forth. In a manner of conversation then, Jaya said: “So Amitji has served the country all his life. Don’t you think it is time the country did something for him?” The mantra synaptically got the message and shot back, “So will he agree to become the next President of India.” The bees hum that Jaya did not respond to that but a streak of ambition did sparkle in her eyes.

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