Amit Shah may continue as BJP president

January 13 2016

If all goes according to Modi-Shah plan, then between January 20 and January 23, Amit Shah may be chosen as BJP party president for another three years. Sources say because of Narendra Modi’s constant efforts and direct dialogue with the Sangh Parivar, the latter too has stopped repeating its constant refrain on how the country’s top leader and the head of the ruling party should not be from the ruling state of Gujarat. After getting the Sangh’s silent go-ahead, the BJP has increased the speed of its nationwide administrative elections, and the exercise is going to take place in about 20 states. On January 14, the Sangh and BJP’s Samanvay Samiti will have a collective meeting and the Central government’s work will be analysed. In the same meeting, the name of Amit Shah may get sanction as the BJP’s president for another three years. Sources say Sangh’s prominent leader Dattatreya Hosbole played a big role in making Shah’s name agreeable to the Parivar. Hosbole also has close relations with the prime minister. In July 2014, when Shah took over as the party president for the rest of Rajnath Singh’s tenure, he gave several gifts to the party during the time. BJP came to power in states such as Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand, and Jammu & Kashmir. Under Shah’s leadership, BJP’s membership drive gained speed, and managed to get a membership of a record 10.5 crore. But the biggest allegation on Shah is that he has encouraged and nurtured a five-star culture within the party. The party’s average workers cannot get access to him and he is only surrounded by a handful of people. The recent election defeat in Bihar was allegedly a lesson for Shah-Modi duo. So if Shah is crowned the party president on January 20 or 23, he will have to adopt a different working approach with the party, because the road ahead seems to be a tad tough for him. States such as Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, UP, and Punjab are going to hold Assembly elections soon; states where BJP is standing on shaky ground. As a result, Shah and his team will have to chart this road with a new set of suggestions and ideas.

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