Amar’s issues

November 30 2015

The very wise Amar Singh may well have been seen with his old boss SP Chief Mulayam Singh for the latter’s birthday celebrations, but he didn’t get any special treatment or acknowledgement from the party’s other leaders such as Akhilesh and Ramgopal, for instance. Amar Singh is also extremely anxious about his plot in Noida’s sector 44. It is worth mentioning here that this plot is a part of the same series because of which Neera Yadav had to go to jail. Sources say Amar Singh told netaji of his worry, as a result of which an SLP from the UP government has been sent to court, requesting the stay be kept on all plots except this one owned by Amar Singh. It is to be remembered that the Supreme Court has put a stay order on all these controversial land plots. At the same time, Amar Singh is fairly active in settling accounts with old friend Ashok Chaturvedi, because Chaturvedi has recently left Naresh Aggarwal and chosen to be on Rajiv Shukla’s side.

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