Amar’s crumbling towers

June 19 2015

SP Chief Mulayam Singh wants Amar Singh to bury the hatchet and join the party yet again. But the duo of Akhilesh and Prof. Ramgopal Yadav are working contrary to Amar’s wishes. Ramgopal Yadav has gone to the extent of openly saying that there has been no application about Amar Singh joining the party. Sources reveal that Mulayam had promised a Rajya Sabha seat to Amar Singh and had asked a trusted party person to vacate his/ her own seat so that Amar could occupy it instead. Struggling with being unsure, Amar Singh has also had to vacate his government bungalow at Lodhi Estate recently. He had spent significant amounts of money to make it into a palatial residence. No wonder several ministers from Modi government had been eyeing it, but Giriraj Singh clinched the deal. Giriraj Singh, however, also had to face disappointment when he realized that the bungalow is no longer that luxurious because a lot of things have been removed from there — even the tiles.

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