All the time gadkari

April 18 2015

Trouble seems to be in store for the most pro-active minister in the Modi Government, Nitin Gadkari, as one of leading English Daily from New Delhi, it is learnt, is readying a scam report against him and will publish it soon. It is to be remembered that it is the same newspaper, which attacked Gadkari on the e-Rickshaw issue. The expose may include a few other cases too, as Gadkari has become the government’s point-man for controversial Land Acquisition Bill. But it was same Gadkari who had failed to help Air Bus about three-four years back in getting land in Nagpur despite his clout in the city. Following this the company shifted to Bangluru and got the required land for equipment manufacturing plant. When Modi was in France Air Bus announced that now aeroplanes will be manufactured in India. But will that happen? May be carpet for the aeroplane might be manufactured here, may be doors used in aeroplane in the Asia sector manufactured. Thus, despite much talk, it seems peanuts to happen!

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