All is not well in UP

April 16 2018

Despite the PM’s warning to Yogi and Maurya, the two are still at loggerheads. Prior to the UP visit of BJP president Amit Shah on Aprl 11, UP BJP spokesperson Deepti Bharadwaj tweeted against own party. In a matter of time, the Yogi-camp too took onto Twitter and declared a ‘tweet-war’. Tweets started flooding in, taunting that ‘rapist’ MLAs are being sheltered under a powerful minister. The indication was clear that who that ‘powerful’ minister was. Deepti Bharadwaj sure is a Sangh leader but her friendship with Keshav Prasad Maurya is no new information. Going by the sources, Maurya still feels that Yogi and his failing administration were behind the Phulpur loss, while on the other hand, Yogi thinks that Maurya is preparing the battlefield against him. It is believed that the ‘wise monkey’ in this ‘cat-fight’ is the other deputy CM Dinesh Sharma, who is said to mark his presence in the court of every big leader but it is unclear as to whose real confidante he is. Simultaneously, when Amit Sasha reached Lucknow, he held a 7-hour marathon meet with CM Yogi. If sources are to believed, Shah has clearly warned Yogi to clear the air in UP before the Karnataka polls or else be prepared for the consequences. Anyhow, Dattatreya Hosabale and Krishna Gopal have returned to Nagpur after their two-day stay in Lucknow, and submitted a detailed report to Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat, alerting that the anti-Dalit image that is emerging of BJP in UP, it is not good for the political health of RSS.

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