All in the family

March 01 2016

Lok Sabha TV has a lot of research work to be done, and the company that has been chosen for this work is said to be owned by a BJP spokesperson. He is also said to be close to Arun Jaitley. The research is worth Rs 12 lakh every month, and the BJP spokesperson’s company filed a tender for Rs 9.5 lakh. The second tender for Rs 2.5 lakh is from an opinion poll agency that is run by an election analyst who is close to the BJP. When the analyst came to know about the enormity of the work, he became adamant on the fact that since his company has experience in similar work, a major part of the work should come to him, or the tender should be cancelled. Sources say the Lok Sabha TV, too, has decided to cancel the tender, and that it has received orders from above that the entire project should be given to the company run by the BJP spokesperson. The coming days might see this instruction either being carried out, or being a reason for ruckus.

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