All are Modi’s men

June 29 2014

After painting the Nizam saffron in Delhi, Narendra Modi is preparing of a significant change in the party and the government. Those who are in Modi’s good books have a rest-easy expression on their faces because the man himself is taking the steps to give his Cabinet a new look and that at least this time he will take the final decision about the list of new ministers and the ministries they will get. It is being hoped that several Cabinet ministers will see their baggage decrease, although 30 days aren’t enough to test the ministers on their ability to handle their ministries. But then Modi is a master of the political game and is able to decipher what the whispers are saying. Thus, it is believed that dividing departments will have to be a balancing act. New faces have been identified for crucial departments such as Defence, Communications, Rural Development and Environment and the only delay is that of the announcement.

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