Ajit Singh: L’affaire Saffron

April 02 2017

Even after so many weeks after the BJP sweep in UP, turmoil that had hit the opposition parties have not subsided. They are all still on unsteady feet. Grapevine has it that recently Ajit Singh, the Jat mandarin of the state, summoned some of his most trusted party colleagues to his farmhouse and said that at 78 years of age, it was becoming very difficult for him to stay afloat in the hit-and-run of daily political involvement. “In the last UP polls, only one of our candidates won from Chhaprauli, and that too by just 1,000 votes. Earlier, we would win by margins of nothing less than 70,000 votes. In 13 districts of the state, there are constituencies where Jats comprise more than 27 per cent. And yet, we got nothing from there.” During the meeting, Ajit Singh dropped a hint that he had a chat with BJP boss Amit Shah and it is possible that his party could be merging with the saffron party. Singh also confided that it is possible that the BJP might consider giving tickets for a few constituencies, and that possibly, his son Jayant may be considered by BJP to contest for the Lok Sabha under the latter’s banner in 2019. At this, his colleagues were furious. They said: Chaudhary saab, you are just putting your family’s interests above those of the party.” It is said that somehow Ajit Singh has assured them that he would take no major decision without consulting them.

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