AGP parted ways

February 23 2016

BJP Party President Amit Shah could not seal the deal with Assam Gana Parishad (AGP) leaders; the AGP people are putting the blame for this on the BJP president. A few days ago, AGP and BJP leaders had an important meeting regarding a possible coalition, and the meeting was attended by Shah himself. AGP leaders claim that despite being present at the meeting, Shah’s mind was elsewhere; he was repeatedly looking at his watch, while the meeting was attended by AGP leader Atul Vora as well. After an hour-long marathon meeting between the BJP and the Congress, a seat-sharing understanding could not be reached. Then suddenly, Shah got up from his seat and looking at his watch, said, “You people keep talking. I will be back in half-an-hour. I have given time to someone else.” It is said this didn’t go down well with AGP leaders. At the same time, they also wanted to meet Narendra Modi and discuss things with him; but they were made to meet just Ram Madhav. One AGP leader also said that it was Ram Madhav who had proposed to prominent AGP leader Prafful Mahant that he should break the party in half and join the BJP.

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