Adani’s bailout formula

March 15 2023

The trusted people of the ruling central government are involved in getting Gautam Adani out of his current crisis. Ever since the report of the American research firm ‘Hindenburg’ came out on January 24, the crisis of the Adani group has been increasing continuously. A very reliable source related to the government claims that ‘Gautam Adani has been advised to sell some of his big companies and pay the money to the government and creditors immediately. This process should start at least from March itself. ‘ The same source claims that in this episode, Adani can sell two of his cement companies ACC and Ambuja Cement to Kumar Mangalam Birla and reduce his liabilities with the amount received from this deal. Sources are sure that even Kumar Mangalam Birla will not face any financial problem in buying these two companies, because the reputation of these two companies is such that any bank will be happy to give loan in their name.

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