AAP’s Leader Indecent proposal

May 07 2017

Even as Arvind Kejriwal is still smarting at the upper cut his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) got in the Punjab polls, the organisation is agog with all kinds of rumours, straight out of a Tollywood B-grader. Apparently, the head of the party’s Punjab unit, Bhagwant Mann has submitted a tome titled “Why we lost in Punjab” to his boss, as many as four candidates have given it in writing that the money given for the polls hadn’t even reached the party funds in the state. But this is a minor side-show in the increasingly sleazy AAP affairs. For at least half a dozen women activists have alleged their modesty had been tested. Or twisted, as you please… in particular is the episode of a very pretty actress who has said much more. She comes from a village adjacent to Amritsar and is very well known for stunning looks and acting in South Indian films. She has actually threatened to post on Facebook the video of a very senior party leader making her the ‘Indecent Proposal’ in a top Chandigarh hotel. Her father is a top Leftist leader in Punjab and she herself had joined the party because she was interested in social service. And now the haggard leader desired her special service. The birds and bees are all aflutter that the moment Kejriwal learnt of the social media threat from the ’Pretty Woman’, he himself jumped in to save the party’s face. Kejriwal apparently assured the lady that he would personally resolve the issue and requested her not to blast the social media. So, for a while, the blast has been contained, but the way things are going, nothing can be taken for granted in AAP.

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