Aam Aadmi left behind

March 09 2014

When India’s most prominent Aam Aadmi Arvind Kejriwal was on his 1000-km road show and came out into the streets of UP, the sight was worth seeing. Arvind himself was in an Innova car, and wherever he felt like shaking hands with the public, he would jump into an open jeep. Advocating the rights and times of the common man and leading the fight for him, Arvind Kejriwal’s cavalcade included several gleaming cars of foreign make – a BMW, for instance. All cars displayed big stickers, there were billboards on both sides and wherever the crowd was dense, Kejriwal would dismount his car and where there was lesser, he moved on waving at the people. When the entire group reached a small town Auraiya, there were hardly 50 people there. As Kejriwal waved and the cavalcade moved forward, a young man in the group shouted, “Sir, at least get off the car for two minutes.” The answer: “There isn’t enough crowd to stop and say something.” Kejriwal moved ahead, the Aam Aadmi was left behind.


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