A saffron India and Sanjay’s eyes

December 27 2015

A changed political situation, the Opposition’s attacks that have hit bull’s eye, a bruised ego, and problematic people from his own party have forced Prime Minister Modi to come out of his shell of self-delusion and self-praise. Is that the reason why he is forming new bonds of friendship with his enemies as well? He made some self-discovery about relations with Pakistan, and accepting Nawaz’s hospitality on the way from Russia-Afghanistan is just one example of Modi’s far-sightedness and his well-thought out strategy. A few days before that, he didn’t hesitate to meet his political rival Sanjay Joshi either. Sources say that at the behest of the Sangh Parivar, he met Joshi with great warmth and informality, and his general body language and countenance indicated that he wants to bury the hatchet and move on. But despite this, he didn’t make any promises to Joshi saying he will try to get him back in the party. Possibly, he wants to give some more time to the old friendship to germinate and bloom again.

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