A Politician of God

May 04 2014

P Chidambaram’s luck seems to have gone dry, so these days he is in constant touch with astrologers and pandits. Chidambaram contacted an astrologer he is close to and asked him what the results will be if he contested the elections from Shivganga. Mr Astrologer went through his chart and told him that the stars in his chart were not aligned well at all and that if he contested the elections, his deposit may be forfeited. So Chidambaram thought it was wise to have his son Karti contest from Shivganga. But it seems that Karti’s astrological stars aren’t shining too bright either, because his Ketu in Shani is under a Mahadasha and thus it is not possible for him to win the election. Maybe that is the reason that in the polling that ended on April 24 saw Karti way behind his AIDMK opponent Senthil Nathan P R. On the advice of his astrologers, Chidambaram is now doing pooja to appease his stars.

But it is worth mentioning here that Chidambaram is not alone. It is said that a minister in Akhilesh Yadav’s government Manoj Pandey organised a Mahayagna to appease Mulayam Singh’s stars, which was attended by the latter with his son Akhilesh. Sources also reveal that to ensure his win from Badayun, Mulayam’s nephew Dharmendra Yadav held a Tantric pooja, too, and has ordered several expensive stones to wear. BJP President Rajnath Singh is one of the most ardent devotees of Ma Vindhyavasini Devi. To ensure his win from Lucknow, a Vijay Yagya is being held at Mirzapur’s Ma Vindhyavasini Devi’s temple. Apart from this, Rajnath has also asked for a mannat at Hazrat Kasim Shahid’s tomb.

BJP’s veteran leader Kalraj Mishra is also doing pooja and obeisance to ensure his win in Devariya. A prominent Congress leader has organised a Das Mahavidha Anushthan and Shat Chandi Paath for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Lalu Yadav may go around town announcing how secular he is but a special pooja is being held for him in Jaunpur’s Pagla Baba Ashram. A Das Mahavidha pooja is being organised in Valsad in Gujarat for Narendra Modi and one lakh chanting of Bajrang Baan and Hanuman Kavach are taking place for him at Sankatmochan Temple. Apart from this Varanasi’s Vishvanath Mandir saw Rudrabhishek taking place for Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal. Clearly, the politicians are at the mercy of the Gods as well as the politicians during elections.

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