A new face of Piyush

April 02 2018

Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal’s hopes are right on the track. Of late, he is counted among the close aides of BJP president Amit Shah. So, stunned by the results of UP by-polls, BJP handed over the responsibility of re-blooming its withered ‘lotus’ to Goyal and thus he spent a fortnight in Lucknow prior to the recently conducted UP Rajya Sabha polls.
In a bid to make the Opposition taste the dirt, a strategic planning was done. First of all, saffron candidates were enlisted in the order of preference, Arun Jaitley being at the top of the list. Instead of 37, a bouquet of total 39 senior BJP MLAs was prepped. The responsibility of decorating this bouquet was handed over to minister Satish Mahana. Similarly, the responsibility of keeping an eye on the groups of the 39-39 MLAs was handed over to another minister. Prior to the final voting, a ‘mock drill’ was conducted for the MLAs. The first-term NDA MLAs were given special training on how to cast their vote and this important responsibility was shouldered by Piyush Goyal himself.
Goyal has now also mastered the art of Vote Management. Apparently, ensuring the victory of Anil Agarwal was a risky business. He needed 14 votes of Second Preference. BJP had only 12 votes left on its own. When the results came out, Agarwal got 4 votes from independents and other upper caste MLAs, and this way Agarwal secured the win as well as Piyush Goyal proved himself as a newly emerged strategist.

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