A moot point and the BJP President

February 08 2014

Fingers are being pointed from all directions about Modi’s knowledge. In his Kolkata rally, too, Modi made a mistake about the area that West Bengal occupies. And Rajnath Singh, who usually weighs his words before he speak them out aloud got confused between Singur and Nandigram. It seems his political advisor Sudhanshu Trivedi is focusing less on the party president’s speeches and more on his own bytes to the TV channels. Trivedi is currently getting a lot of compliments on Facebook to be a media advisor of the future prime minister Rajnath Singh. Looks like Dr Trivedi in his hurry wrote Nandigram in place of Singur in Singh’s speech. In his excitement, Rajnath Singh said that he was with Mamata Banerjee about the question of land acquisitions in Nandigram, although Tata’s Nano plant and land acquisition fiasco was all in Singur. Mr President, this is the time to sort out the smaller issues, because it is the smaller problems that stand in the way of bigger roles. 

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