A female MP puts party in a spot!

February 20 2023

There are discussions everywhere about a female MP, who has a high influence in the political corridors of Delhi, who has given leave to all the leaders of Delhi BJP and has hoisted the flag of her supremacy in NDMC. The NDMC had allowed four restaurants to run on its land opposite Bhikaji Cama Place in New Delhi for several years on a very nominal lease guarantee. The demand of some time and some luck of these restaurant owners paid off that these days the craze among the youth of these restaurants has increased and every evening a huge crowd of youth started gathering here. It goes without saying that this made the restaurant owner’s pockets ‘full of silver’. This MP says that ‘these restaurant owners were making huge profits, but were paying a very meager amount to NDMC in the name of lease guarantee, while the opposing camp says that ‘the MP hastily got these the licenses of the four restaurants canceled just because the MP had to oblige some restaurateurs of their choice.’ The matter has gained so much momentum that now the BJP top has to intervene in it.

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