A bogged down CM

September 26 2016

A chief minister of a Hindi-speaking saffron-party ruled state, and who was once a close confidante of Advani, is busy trying to show his skills at singing raga Modi. A few days ago when CM sahib came to Delhi and wanted to meet the PM, he was told to meet Amit Shah instead. He had to wait for two days to meet his own party’s president. When he did get to meet the all-powerful Shah, he asked him, “Is there any service you want from me?” He was told he will be informed if such a need arises. Four-five days later, a phone call from Delhi told him his help was needed in Operation Arunachal. Preparations for assistance were made in a hurry, and now the CM sahib is waiting for some assurance after all the help he gave. The CBI’s sword is only shining more brilliantly, and he is trying to find two words of succor for himself from a silent Delhi.

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