400 labourers impressed by PM

August 28 2016

The office in the prime minister’s official residence Panchvati is undergoing renovation. More than 40 carpenters and 350 of their assistants are working there; the work is taking place on a war footing, and everything has to be finished by the first week of September. A supplier from Kirti Nagar area is supplying the finest teakwood; the suppliers have been given a strict warning that the quality of wood should be tested properly and it should not have any knots. The design is such that more than 200 doors are needed, and little room has been kept for windows. The carpenters and their assistants are asked to keep their mobile phones outside. The first time these workers came to work, their tiffin boxes were checked by sniffer dogs keeping security in mind. Some workers raised hell about this, wondering how they can eat food that has been sniffed by a dog. When PM Modi came to know about it, he showed great empathy and asked the officials at the PMO to arrange for lunch for the workers within the premises. A canteen was hurriedly put together, where these 400 workers can have two meals as well as tea and snacks. One day Modi ji himself arrived to inspect the work progress and was surrounded by the SPG. But he shook hands with the labourers and asked them if everything was going well, and if they got everything they needed. The workers were overjoyed at this gesture by the prime minister, and all of them said in unison, “Yes, everything is well.” The host had a look of contentment written all over this face.

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