The BJP rally on December 25

November 27 2011

There might be restlessness within the party because there is a delay in announcing the names of contestants from UP, prominent party leader Rajnath Singh believes that the list should not be released before January 10. On the occasion of Atal ji’s birthday on December 25, Rajnath Singh is organising a big BJP rally in Lucknow and all party leaders of repute will be part of the rally. Rajnath believes that if the list is released before this, all contestants will get busy with their constituencies and there will be few to organise a big crowd for the rally. And the people who will not be able to get a ticket will try to upset all efforts of a successful rally. Gadkari and Sangh Parivar also agrees with Rajnath’s point, and those who don’t are ordinary party workers. Since when have they been able to harm anyone in any way?

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