Newspaper worth Rs 200 crore

August 10 2010

Politicians and actors down south have a fetish for owning newspapers and TV channels and consider it a prestige issue. When Yedurappa had joined the saffron politics, he couldn’t stop talking about correctness and purity in politics, but seeing how things really are in the political world in the south, he too has undergone a metamorphosis – enough for him and his family to purchase a paper for Rs 200 crore. His aides are now on the lookout of a news channel. Why doesn’t someone show him the “Prabha” and its effects?

  1. garima Says:

    wah re Yadurappa u r just like other indian politician. looto cash karo aish.

  2. kanu jawa Says:

    ts is d true picture of bjp.nam ram ka kam shaitan ka.

  3. priyank jaiesh Says:

    is it open to public ? please sir can we have our share !

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