18 Governors on the line

June 01 2014

But the Congresspersons are already raising a hue and cry about this saying that the governor’s post is a Constitutional one and should not be affected by politics. Some prominent Congress leaders are also citing Section 156 saying no Central government can pressurize a governor to resign from his post. Contrary to what they claim, when UPA-I came to power in 2004, it forced to resign Governors appointed by Vajpayee government under Sonia’s instant instructions. Sikkim’s then-Governor Kedar Nath Sawhney, who was a prominent BJP member with a Sangh background, and Kailash Pati Mishra (a former BJP leader from Bihar) were instantly relinquished off their duties and Balram Jakhar was asked to take charge. Bihar Governor Rama Jois, who sympathized with the Sangh; Rajasthan’s Governor Madanlal Khurana and UP’s Vishnukant Shastri were forced to leave their posts. Similarly, Bhai Paramanand who had a Sangh background had to wash his hands off the governor’s post in Haryana. Sources reveal that Narendra Modi himself is not in favour of immediate relinquishment of 18 governors who have Congress leanings but the party cadre and Sangh are putting a lot of pressure on him. There is a big possibility of a change of guard at the governor level in states that will see Assembly elections soon. But in such a scenario, what will happen to Madam Sheila Dikshit who left Delhi merely two months ago to arrive at the Raj Bhavan in Kerala? But it seems that West Bengal’s M K Narayanan and Maharashtra’s K. Sankaranarayanan might find the going toughest and the Modi government might target them first.

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