150 Kashi pundits to go to Japan

April 11 2016

If you remember, Modi ji especially took the Japanese prime minister to his constituency Varanasi where he was given a warm traditional welcome. When the deputy mayor of Kyoto arrived in Kashi, the Modi bhakts claimed that in the days to come, Kyoto city too will become clean like Varanasi. Now, 150 pundits from Kashi will go to Japan on October 9 for nine days. Sources say that when the Japanese prime minister had come to India, he had mentioned three of his nation’s primary problems to Modi – natural disasters, the growing woes in Japanese families and the increasing rate of suicides among the youth in the country. As a developed nation looked up to India with the eyes of a pleader, our respected prime minister also took a couple of steps forward, and gave a spiritual solution. Now, 150 chosen pundits of Kashi will perform a non-stop yagna in Japan’s capital Tokyo for nine days, so that the Japanese environment can be cleansed. If sources are to be believed, the expenses of the trip by the 150 pundits is being borne by Japan itself. The passports have been made, and have to be sent to the Japan embassy for visas. A noted pundit from the group going to Japan spoke about the importance of Vedic yagya and said, “Yagya causes rains, rains cause harvest, and harvests mean prosperity for the people. What is new?”

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