Tehelka is no light matter

November 24 2013

Tehelka magazine editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal, who is currently facing heat for sexual assault from his junior colleague of the same paper, is a person with big credentials. As association, thus, Tehelka has some bonds with Law Minister Kapil Sibal, who is also one of the main shareholders of Tehelka of the Anant Media Pvt Ltd. This famous magazine also has support from famous criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani. Rajasthan Patrika is also one of its shareholders. Apart from this, Nitin Shah and Anu Agha also have stake in the company. The control of Tehelka group is in the hands of Rajya Sabha Parliamentarian and industrialist K D Singh; it is worth mentioning here that this is the same K D Singh who has close association with Mamata Banerjee of Trinamool. Connections to Tehelka also lead to several prominent Congress leaders, too, and if sources are to believed, this is the reason the Central government allegedly get on about brushing the matter aside. According to claims by the BJP, if the incident hadn’t take place in BJP-ruled Goa, the matter would have long been hushed up.

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