Sangh sizing out Singh

December 03 2009

The Sangh has started searching the history and geography of the very Anglicized Uday Singh alias Pappu Singh. And Uday Singh’s present and past bears testimony to how his family is divided among various political parties; like his sister Shyama Singh and brother-in-law Nikhil Kumar are at the mercy of the Congress, brother N.K. Singh is famous for his Ambani and Congress connections, he is a Rajya Sabha MP from JD(U) quota and these days his only ambition is to bring Nitish Kumar and Congress together on a common platform. So, the Sangh is of the considered view that people like Uday Singh do not believe in politics of ideology but of convenience. And these people are given to individualistic politics rather than party politics and this is also their ladder to success. So the Sangh does not believe in paying heed to the advice or comments of such people.

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