Price of love

April 16 2010

Much more apt at playing with hearts than playing tennis, Sania is these days hogging the headlines for a wrong reason. Before getting into a relationship with Pakistanti cricketer Shoaib Malik, Sania had been involved in several relationships – from Sohrab and Shahid to Shoaib and her latest decision has given rise to a political controversy. It is without doubt Shiv Sena which is raising the question of Sania’s loyalty towards her soil. And whether it is BJP that often adorns a studied silence or the Congress which appears to be making noises in Sania’s favour, they all have their own
calculations or profits or loss. But it is possible that Sania may have to pay a big price for becoming a Pakistani bride. Her fate could be similar to that of Tiger Woods, who lost endorsements worth
billions of rupees after his name got dragged into controversies. Sania is also the brand ambassador of several big Indian and foreign companies such as Tata, Adidas and the like. Sources tell us that in
this era of image marketing, once Sania would head to Pakistan, she too would lose endorsements worth crores. Listen carefully, Mian Shoaib.

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