Ramdev from Haridwar

July 14 2013

Yoga guru Ramdev’s Bharat Swabhiman Dal may also try its luck in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. While Ramdev claimed to launch his party candidates for all 543 seats, the recent upheavals in the political world have made him more realistic. A few days ago he spoke with Narendra Modi and spoke about an alliance between his Dal and the BJP. He has asked of Modi for 10 seats from UP and Uttarakhand for his party. Baba wants his Dal candidates to contest the elections under the lotus sign. Baba claims that he has over one crore supporters all over India, all of whom may have their votes ready for the BJP. Baba himself wants to contest the elections from Hardwar in Uttarakhand. A reliable source close to Modi revealed that Modi is ready to give Baba’s Dal give seats each in Uttarakhand and UP. These include seats in Hardwar, Bijnaur and Nagina.

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