We told you so

May 13 2012

Just a fortnight ago, this column had claimed that the Sangh has decided to give Nitin Gadkari as second term as the BJP President. To talk clearly to those prominent party leaders who were against his second tenure and were preparing for the same were visited by the Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat from Nagpur to Delhi. Bhagwat clearly told leaders such as Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi that it was time they set aside their ambitions of leading the party and take on the role of a mentor or guardian of the party. Seeing the tough stance of the Sangh, the second-tier leaders of the Advani camp, who would oppose Gadkari on every step also gave in and threw the towel. It is because of the Sangh’s role and strict stance on the same that during a meeting in New Delhi on Friday, which was attended by all office bearers of the party, it was almost unanimously decided that Gadkari be given a second term. Like it had been reported in this column, the necessary amendment in the party’s constitution will take place during the party’s working committee meeting on May 24-25.

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