`Hand’ling climate change

January 13 2010

The youngest MP of Lok Sabha Hamdullah Sayeed who is the son of former
Cabinet Minister late P.M. Sayeed, used his good political connections
and knack to make space for himself at the eleventh hour in the high
level Indian delegation for attending the Climate Change Summit in
Copenhagen. When Hamdullah’s name did not figure in the first list of
the Indian delegation for the Copenhagen summit, he got busy in
telling the party high command and the Central Government that how
important it was for him to go with the delegation. Because his
constituency Lakshadweep was worst affected by climate change. The
reasoning of the young MP so appealed to the Congress and its
Government that his name was included in the list at the last moment.
But a similar reasoning given by the BJP MP from Andaman and Nicobar
and Delhi Mayor were not even considered by the Congress bosses, so
what is the matter? Has the mood of the hand become so aggressive that
it is forever keen to crush the lotus?

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